pump and treat systems

Pump and Treat

Traditionally the core technology for Groundwater Remediation has been Pump and Treat Systems. After careful subsurface analysis DALCO enhances this technology with modifications such as in situ enhanced bioremediation, solvent flushing, steam flushing or other appropriate technologies best suited to perform the specific task required. DALCO provides turn key solutions for your remediation needs.

Environmental Remediation Contractors
Sub-surface soil collections/investigation via direct push
Aboveground storage tank (AST) removals and installs
Underground storage tank (UST) removals, upgrades, and installs
Contaminated soil remediation

Contaminated groundwater remediation

Industrial cleaning and immediate response

High vacuum extraction and soil venting technology

Bio-remediation and chemical injection

Pump and treat systems

Geoprobe® Direct Push sub-surface soil probing

Certified Mold Remediation

Site Remediation systems service and maintenance agreements

Well monitoring, recovery, extraction, install and abandonment

In-ground hydraulic lifts (HL) abandonment

Sitework, restoration, trenching and excavation

Concrete, demolition and construction

Oil / water separator services

Safety and AIM certified